Nic Stone

Episode 11

Nic Stone

Comfortably Uncomfortable: Nic Stone on the Story Less Told

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About this episode

Nic Stone (Dear Martin, Clean Getaway) talks about her passion for speaking out and giving a voice to the stories less told.


"I find that throughout the course of life, I'm bothered by things and when I sat down and I decided I wanted to start writing, what I started writing was something that bothered me." - Nic Stone


After Nic Stone graduated college, she went on a trip to Bethlehem to connect with the story behind her faith. But instead of a religious experience, she found herself moved by the stories of the people who live in the city in the present day. Stories that she decided also needed telling.
In this episode, Nic joins us to share more about how she found her voice and why she tells the stories she does. She'll speak about the importance of connecting with kids to understand their perspective on life and stories, and why despite being fearful of backlash over the release of her most recent book, she is still optimistic about the future of the book-banning crisis in America.

  • Chapter 1 - Little Nic, the liar
  • Chapter 2 - The lead coat
  • Chapter 3 - The story we really need
  • Chapter 4 - The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • Chapter 5 - What kids want
  • Chapter 6 - Visiting Jabari
  • Chapter 7 - What about breakfast?
  • Chapter 8 - How to Be a (Young) Antiracist
  • Chapter 9 - Dear whom?
  • Chapter 10 - Mirror, Mirror
  • Chapter 11- Beanstack Featured Librarian

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